Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fluorescent Flash

Yesterday I discovered not one, but TWO amazing sites filled with fashionable finds. Now you very well may have already heard of them both but guess what, their new-to-me and I am super excited about it. Ladies, I present to you, an online fashion boutique that features 30% off the new styles that are added daily. And Sabo Skirt, another online boutique full of chic fashions at affordable prices and they ship worldwide.

As I was browsing, I noticed this fantastic fluorescent skirt that looked just like the one I spotted in a recently pinned image originating from Sabo Skirt's blog. According to the fabulous ladies behind the brand, Thessy and Yiota, the entire outfit will be available in late June. However, I have no patience when it comes to waiting for something that I want now, especially when it comes to clothing. Alas, it was the kick that I needed to find the pieces to remake the complete outfit. So if you are searching for a rocking get-up to wear to one of many summer celebrations or bachelorette party, look no further. Below is the inspiration photo accompanied by my finds; all of which are priced below $100.
{Inspiration Photo via Fashion Worship via Sabo Skirt}
The Originals: 
Shirt Available Now

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PS. Have you purchased from Tobi or Sabo Skirt before? If so, tell me all about it!


  1. It's crazy I just discovered too! I discovered it about 3 days ago and it's horrible because I have made 4 orders already. I just am pulled in with the 30% off new arrivals deal lol and I loveee sabo skirt! I haven't gotten to buy anything from them just yet but hoping to in the future =)

    1. Hey Jessika! Just got my first Tobi order too. LOVE! Will definitely be ordering again SOON. Damn those daily emails! What did you get?

  2. The color of yours skirt looks so strange, anything wrong?