Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Procrastination at its finest

Well, it's official. One month ago, I made my infamous announcement and now, I have yet another...

After three weeks of corporate detoxing, soul searching, networking, and interviewing, I was faced with making the choice between a handful of wildly different job offers; or the option to venture out on my own. [Editor's Note: "poor job market" is not a concept I agree with.]

As I contemplated my next move, I kept three things top of mind:
  1. Did anything about the job remind me of what I did not like at the Big Red X or were there any other major "red flags"?
  2. Which opportunity would allow me to continue to focus on becoming the best version of me?
  3. This quote by the amazingly talented graphic designer, Jessica Hische:
Her words as designed by me

In full disclosure, not every offer made it past #1. In fact, I started to wonder if I had set the bar too high and would regret turning down what, on the surface, appeared to be a perfectly good opportunity. But that was just it. I wasn't searching for "good". I was searching for FREAKING awesome.

And so when the peeps at Brand Networks, a thriving social media agency, offered up a position as the first Social Insights Strategist, I squealed with excitement and happily accepted. If you know me personally (or even stalk my online life), it's easy to see that I am a l w a y s connected. I don't intentionally "procrastinate" either, it's just that I can't help but want to stay dialed-in and soak-up information like a sponge. Be it Facebook-ing, tweeting, pinning, researching, or simply strolling through a store, I enjoy experiencing the world through seamless connections between my online and offline life. I feel extremely lucky to have found such a kick-ass company and my version of a "dream job" that allows me to stay connected and get paid for it.

And that, my friends, is procrastination at its finest.

PS. Deelightful Studios officially has a Facebook Page! Be sure to hit that "like" button to get updates on the latest inspirations, fashions, and all things creative.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fluorescent Flash

Yesterday I discovered not one, but TWO amazing sites filled with fashionable finds. Now you very well may have already heard of them both but guess what, their new-to-me and I am super excited about it. Ladies, I present to you Tobi.com, an online fashion boutique that features 30% off the new styles that are added daily. And Sabo Skirt, another online boutique full of chic fashions at affordable prices and they ship worldwide.

As I was browsing, I noticed this fantastic fluorescent skirt that looked just like the one I spotted in a recently pinned image originating from Sabo Skirt's blog. According to the fabulous ladies behind the brand, Thessy and Yiota, the entire outfit will be available in late June. However, I have no patience when it comes to waiting for something that I want now, especially when it comes to clothing. Alas, it was the kick that I needed to find the pieces to remake the complete outfit. So if you are searching for a rocking get-up to wear to one of many summer celebrations or bachelorette party, look no further. Below is the inspiration photo accompanied by my finds; all of which are priced below $100.
{Inspiration Photo via Fashion Worship via Sabo Skirt}
The Originals: 
Shirt Available Now

Get it now:
Skirt | Shirt | Sunglasses | Polish | Shoes

PS. Have you purchased from Tobi or Sabo Skirt before? If so, tell me all about it!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Tech Spotlight: Stylish iPad Cases

I am an Apple Geek. Mac Nerd. Steve Jobs Groupie. Whatever you may choose to call it, I'm that. Like many other devout Apple fans, I'm in love with the sleek design, simplistic aesthetic, and easy-to-use products that adorn my home, office, and most often, my right hand.

I'll be honest, since I got my iPad 2, I haven't used it nearly as much as all of my other Apple products. But with the warm weather upon us, I envision myself sitting poolside, iPad in hand, without worrying about it's safety when I take a dip or put it down. I've subscribed myself to the theory that if I buy a cute case that is more convenient than my orange flip cover, I'll be more apt to bring it with me wherever I go. And so, I am on a mission to buy the perfect case that is both fashionable and functional. Here is my round up of my favorites designs from some of my favorite designers:

Harper's Bazaar also put together a swoon-worthy list of iPad case options. Unfortunately they are just a wee-bit (re: a lot) out of the budget.

Which would you choose? Did I miss any other great options? Help!

Friday, May 11, 2012


As I sit and reflect on the week that has passed since I made my big announcement, a surge of emotion takes hold. Relief. Happiness. Fear. Tired. Hopeful. Carefree. Anxious. Energized. Paranoid. Juxtapositions in and of themselves, none of which can sufficiently summarize what I really feel.

There have been very few moments in which I can recall not thinking about the future-- what may happen next, or questioning if I will make the right decision(s). And I spend a lot of time worrying about scenarios that I know are just plain ridiculous. But when I sit and try to calm my inner voice, one adjective becomes so evident I smile and start to cry at the same time. And that is because of gratitude.

Mash-up by me using a print from the lovely Jen Ramos // Cocoa and Hearts

I've been so focused on the future that the present has been turning into quite a blur. So I want to take a moment to just be. And most importantly, to thank everyone- my friends, family, acquaintances, and anyone that may stumble upon this. The outpouring of love, support, calls, texts, messages, tweets, likes, comments, and cheers (literally with drinks in hand) I have received have been overwhelmingly positive. I feel so lucky to know so many wonderful people and humbled that so many of you have taken the time to reach out in one way or another. It's because of you that I can relish in the present and be happy for what I have today, regardless of what happens in the future.

So T H A N K  Y O U-- from the bottom of my heart to the tips of my abnormally long toes. You guys rock.

Happy weekend! xx

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Local Love: Preferred Plants

Despite living in Rochester for almost all of my 26 years, there are a significant number of places that I know I have yet to explore. Most of the time I seek out a new shop or restaurant because I heard about it through the grapevine. At times, I stumble upon something new by accident which is always a serendipitous moment seeing as though Rochester is only so big. And then there is that running list of places in my head that I keep in mind for when there is a rainy day or I find myself with nothing else to do. Enter Preferred Plants.
View from University Ave. on a chilly winter afternoon
For almost two years now, I have made it a point to buy myself fresh flowers on an extremely regular basis (ie. at least every 2 weeks). What started out as an act of independence and visual declaration of "I don't need a man to buy me flowers" has turned into more of a luxury that I find myself looking forward to. So when I first took notice of the sign outside the brick building on University Avenue, I made a mental note: flowers + new place = I'm interested.

Now you are about to find out just how overdue this post is. Months had passed and I had yet to stop in to explore my new "find". On a random February afternoon, I went to lunch with my friend Emily (who runs the lovely Merrypad.com) and made the commitment that afterwards I would drive past my house to visit the flower shop that had long been on my mental list. And so I present to you the first feature in my "Local Love" series featuring a peek at the beautiful blooms and unexpected finds that fill the meticulously merchandised space of Preferred Plants.
Entrance display to the left
Upon entering the building, I expected a wave of freshly cut flowers to fill my nostrils. Imagine my surprise when I rushed toward the bucket labelled "peonies',  pulled one out, only to realize I was holding a silk stem. It wasn't until I questioned the approaching associate "wait, these flowers aren't real?" and hearing her response when I realized they were indeed faux and this was no ordinary flower shop.
Single stem buckets
As I strolled through the store, admiring the converted warehouse space and home decor items that lined the shelves, a new-found wave of appreciation for fake flowers came over me. Not only were the flowers amazingly realistic, but they could last a lifetime. Beautiful and practical, what's not to love? [Ok, besides the amazing realistic smell].
Tulips on display
And the selection didn't stop at just single, silk stems. Everywhere I looked there was something new to look at. Large potted plants. Orchids. Seasonally-appropriate wreathes. And work benches lined with the start of custom arrangements.
Small arrangements & gifts
After speaking with the owner who just so happened to know Emily (see, I told you Rochester was only so big), I ended my visit by purchasing a pint-sized faux succulent that also happens to double as a candle. Seeing as though I have not one speck of a green thumb, it was the perfect solution to my weekly flower fix.
My succulent candle
So if you are in the Rochester area and searching for something to do during this particularly rainy week, go check them out. Plus, Preferred Plants is having a Mother's Day special through Saturday on all orchids and flowers, including free gift wrap with your purchase. And because of this awesomely timed coupon, I don't feel so bad about waiting 3 months to share! 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Celebration Style: Cinco De Mayo

This weekend is most certainly a "twofer". Two big events happening at once with endless possibilities for a really great time. Both of which present an opportunity to wear a really big hat. Of course there is the Kentucky Derby, but since I much prefer margaritas over mint juleps, I'll be focusing on Cinco de Mayo. I like to think of the holiday as the unofficial start of the summer. The bright colors, never ending margaritas, and clanking of Corona bottles simply scream warm weather and puts an instant smile on my face (the tequila probably helps too).

This year I'm taking full advantage of the fact the holiday falls on a weekend and hosting a poquito fiesta aka a little party. Here are a few finds that put me in the mood to shake my maracas and cheers to a great night with mi amigos.

photo from Flckr
The Perfect Margarita
Extra salt please. I am making mine this year with Espolon Tequila, the packaging is killer.

Homemade Guacamole
It's safe to say I am addicted to avocados. And I am not ashamed to admit I almost single handily polished off a large order of Dos Cominos Guacamole. The recipe is actually hangs on my fridge.

Pinata Cookies
Not only are they insanely cute, but I am quite sure they are insanely tedious to make-
judging by the 30 step recipe. I have yet to mentally commit to attempting these.

A trendy, themed outfit
How amazing are these Mexican Blanket Shorts
Someone like PS. I Made This needs to create a DIY tutorial STAT!

What are your weekend plans? Cinco de Mayo or the Derby? 

Although there is no reason not to do both. Galloping around in a fabulous hat "taste testing" margaritas and blasting The Gypsy Kings sounds like a fabulous pre-party regimen if I don't say so myself. Ole`!