Monday, May 14, 2012

Tech Spotlight: Stylish iPad Cases

I am an Apple Geek. Mac Nerd. Steve Jobs Groupie. Whatever you may choose to call it, I'm that. Like many other devout Apple fans, I'm in love with the sleek design, simplistic aesthetic, and easy-to-use products that adorn my home, office, and most often, my right hand.

I'll be honest, since I got my iPad 2, I haven't used it nearly as much as all of my other Apple products. But with the warm weather upon us, I envision myself sitting poolside, iPad in hand, without worrying about it's safety when I take a dip or put it down. I've subscribed myself to the theory that if I buy a cute case that is more convenient than my orange flip cover, I'll be more apt to bring it with me wherever I go. And so, I am on a mission to buy the perfect case that is both fashionable and functional. Here is my round up of my favorites designs from some of my favorite designers:

Harper's Bazaar also put together a swoon-worthy list of iPad case options. Unfortunately they are just a wee-bit (re: a lot) out of the budget.

Which would you choose? Did I miss any other great options? Help!


  1. I like the Rebecca Minkoff case best! Now I just need an ipad to fit in it:)

  2. Haha, it's a purse or a Ipad? that's really funny!