Thursday, February 9, 2012

Notebooks with style.

Lately my mind has been swirling with thoughts. Projects at work. Chores that need to get done. Clothes I want to buy. A month full of events. Not to mention, just getting through daily life. Even though my iPhone has become a third appendage, I find myself being most productive when I can write things down with a good old [blue] pen and some paper. And yes, I'll admit, when I am writing a to-do list sometimes I write things down just so I can immediately cross them off and feel a sense of accomplishment.

But I think it's time to graduate from over-sized, neon post-its and upgrade to a big girl notebook. Something that I can carry around and quickly jot a thought down at a moments notice, without experiencing thumb cramps. Plus, it's a great excuse to indulge my stationery obsession. Below is a round up of stylish notebooks that have brought an onslaught of indecisiveness. So please, help a sista out and leave a comment with which one is your favorite.   
1. Lanvin, $19, ARWEY
2. Mon Petit, $16, Julia Kostreva 
3. Field Book, $8, russell + hazel
4. A6 Essential Notepad, $10, russell + hazel 
5. Amazing Ideas, $14, Sparrow Nest Script
6. Medium Notebook, $8, Poppin
7. 1970s Style, $9, Really Good 
8. Big Ideas Notebook, $14, C. Wonder


  1. #3 bc its bright and sassy, #5 bc its encouraging and #7 bc it made me laugh

  2. I vote #3 too, specifically with "grid paper". But I'd buy any notebook if it came loaded with graph paper. Also saw some great sewn silver leather notebooks at Marshalls over the weekend (clearance rack, $10).