Monday, February 27, 2012

Anything vs. Everything

This quote perfectly captures my current state of mind. I'll keep this short since I don't think it needs much of an explanation.

As much as a cop out answer it may seem to be (especially when interviewing), I believe one of my biggest downfall's can be my superwoman mentality. I am willing to bet a lot of creative, planner, Type A personalities would agree. While it's great to be inspired and want to act on a million ideas, it flat out sucks when all that motivation has a reverse effect and paralyzes you with the inability to make your next move.

These words are a great way to remind oneself to never be afraid to try something new. But to recognize when you have stretched yourself too thin. Have lost your focus and need to reset. Or accept that you have failed and move on. Because finding the balance between trying anything and maintaining everything is hard. And until I find the balance, I'll gladly stare at this little mash up I put together using one of my favorite Ashley Goldberg prints.

PS. To see more of Ashley's awesome art, visit her site Kitty Genius.

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