Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Four eyes.

I've been wearing glasses since I was in the 3rd grade. My first pair were thick, powder pink tinted frames that looked anything but chic. Ever since, I have had a love-hate relationship with my glasses, which is the main reason I wear contacts. Every. Single. Day. Yet every two years I go to the eye doctor with the best of intentions. I spring for a more expensive pair that I promise to actually wear, only to shun them to the confines of my apartment.

Until now.

Meet Warby Parker. Vintage inspired eyewear with a free Home Try-On program that allows you to test drive the frames before you buy them. For $95 (+ free shipping) you get the frames and prescription lenses of your choice. And like the good philanthropists they are, Warby Parker will donate a pair for every one purchased.

Below are the five I received in the mail. I'm in need of a peer review.
Images courtesy of Warby Parker

Thoughts? Drop me a line and help me decide which pair to get!


  1. I tried the try-on trial last summer to see if I could pull them off.. just couldn't do it - but found it very clever that Warby Parker marketed in this way. It's actually what got me to "try it".

  2. Thanks Matt! Warby Parker is definitely one of the best examples of social marketing I have seen. Totally relevant & drives their business model, I wonder if they have an infographic for us data geeks!