Saturday, January 21, 2012

Minced with love.

I've spent the last six years or so convincing people that I don't know how to cook, simply because I never actually tried. Since moving into a bigger apartment with a much bigger kitchen, cooking has quickly become one of my favorite activities. I love finding new recipes, experimenting with my own, and the sense of accomplishment that is felt the moment a meal hits the table.

Thanks to Pinterest (an obsession that I will soon be writing about), learning my way around the kitchen has brought a new level of excitement and inspiration to simple gatherings with friends. And that is exactly how this past Friday night was spent.

 I had a mini knife technique lesson while learning how to mince garlic. All four of us promptly decided that a garlic press is a necessary and worthy investment.

Jeanette taught us the most amazing gnocchi, sun-dried tomato, and chicken recipe. As soon as I get the recipe I will post it on Pinterest; it's simply too good not to share with others.

In addition to homemade hummus and entire wheel of cheese, we also switched up the recipe for these stuffed mushrooms. Our changes included no parmesan cheese and swapping turkey bacon for regular bacon. The night also included copious amounts of wine and champagne. Which is the precise reason there are no pictures of our Michael Jackson The Experience Wii dance party.

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