Friday, April 27, 2012

The race is long & in the end, it's only with yourself.

The final scene in my favorite movie of all time has been playing in my head on repeat since last Thursday. If you are actually reading this blog, then you will probably ruffle your brow in confusion and wonder how it could possibly relate to my given situation. And thank God, because the truth is it really doesn't.

So maybe I feel some sort of emotional connection to the scene because my favorite song of all time also happens to be playing in the background. Either way, the symbolism of the long open road in front of Annette, er Reese, and the fleeting feeling that comes with it is what I am referring to. Why you ask? Drum roll please...

It has been exactly one week since I left my job at Xerox. Yes, that is right: I quit. Further more: I left without knowing what will come next. And it feels damn good. It was no secret how unhappy I was with the company. Of course there are a whole host of reasons that I won't even begin to get into (at this exact moment at least). But the single most important factor was my lack of passion, inspiration, and knowing Xerox was never going to allow me to fill my life's plan. The ironic thing about that is that I actually have no idea what my life's plan is. I've learned that I am much better at deciphering what I don't want from what I actually do. And I am fortunate enough to be in a position, practically and financially speaking, that I can take the time to figure that out.

The response, feedback, and support I have received this past week has been overwhelmingly positive. I've caught myself smiling for no reason at all. Laughing much more. And appreciating what I have instead of what I don't. I've focused on reevaluating my personal definition of success and have found myself having many conversations that question the status quo while trying to make sense of the meaning of life- as cheesy as that sounds.

There is no doubt the next coming weeks will be filled with change. I've got a boatload of opportunities to chase and have already met with three great companies that have all presented three great opportunities. And as my mind races with questions like what I want to do next and where I even want to live, I know two things are for sure:
  1. I am simply uninterested in anything or anyone that will make me less than happy. 
  2. My next step will shape the rest of my life and that is fucking scary, stressful, and exciting all at the same time. Emphasis on the f-bomb.
I could go on and on right now but I'll leave it at this: I now understand what people mean when they say "a paycheck can be compensation for putting up with bullshit". That is no way to live, especially if you are like me and find a great source of pride in your work. So if you are feeling that way, I encourage you to read these articles, challenge yourself to change your situation, and be thankful you have the ability to shape your future. Happy reading!
  •  Emily's announcement. Foreshadowing current events, my friend, former co-worker, and founder of the fabulous blog actually went through this very thing almost one whole year ago. Eerily our posts on this topic are quite similar. It's a great motivator to see other people (especially one's you know) make radical changes and have amazing things happen.
  • A field guide to quitting your job. Also featured in Emily's post, I have read this article frequently over the past few months. I especially appreciate the "zip it" part and it's because of that I have refrained from firing off a less than pleasant note to a person I used to have to deal with at work. I'm not one for holding my tongue but for whatever reason I am practicing self control. I'll probably thank myself later.
  • Every other quote I find and pin. Self explanatory. And it's funny to say Pinterest helped change my life.
  • What to do before you quit your job. I actually read this moments before I went into a meeting with my bosses and the ultimate decision was made. It's a great read for anyone who is evaluating their current life situation. Sometimes the grass is not greener and it's wise to figure out who or what is the problem before doing something drastic.
  • Don't work. Be hated. Love someone. A friend of mine posted this after the fact but it resonated with me and helped reassure myself that everything is going to be fine and I've actually got a pretty good handle on life.


  1. Whatever goes down from here, you're going to kill it. Congrats again.

    1. Thanks, Em! Your support & words of encouragement have been priceless. xo

  2. Wow, congratulations! I "met" you in a worldfunction class, and I remember how we both talked about how we hated our jobs and felt somewhat deceived, so when I read that you had taken the plunge and actually quit, I was giving you a huge high five in my head! I'm not quite where you are yet (as in ready to quit my job), but I resonated with so much of what you had to say, and I have blog entry after blog entry on the same exact thing.

    "The ironic thing about that is that I actually have no idea what my life's plan is. I've learned that I am much better at deciphering what I don't want from what I actually do." EXACTLY!!!

    Seriously, congrats, and I hope that in the not too far future I'll be able to write a post similar to this :)

    1. Awww thanks, Serena! I TOTALLY remember that conversation & thinking "Wow, there are SO many people in my situation this is madness!". Best of luck getting your ducks in a row before you can make the big jump to next level happiness. If you ever want to chat, you know where to find me :)

      PS. are you going to take anymore ALT classes?

    2. Thanks so much, I may be reaching out, and I'm excited to see where this awesome step takes you :)

      As far as the online ALT classes go, I'll probably take another one at some point as I've enjoyed the ones I have taken so far. Your comment inspired to go check out current classes, and as a sidenote, what is up with all the new love/marriage/therapy type classes they are now offering?

    3. Haha I noticed that too! Good to know there are cheaper options for couple's therapy... I'll have to pass those along :) Keep in touch!

  3. Daniel, I had no idea you quit! And before me, too. I feel great about my decision as well. I really like a lot of the people I worked with there but as you know, there were many other dissatisfiers. Lets do lunch sometime!

    1. TECHNICALLY my last day is Friday. So, a bunch of us are going to happy hour at Good Luck (downtown, Village Gate) around 4pm- join us if you can! Definitely keep in touch :)

  4. Good for you Danielle! I wish nothing but the best for you!