Friday, March 9, 2012

Rainbow Brights

For as long as I can remember, I have had an undeniable attraction to the color gray. It's like a magnetic force that I just cannot resist. Declaring gray as my favorite neutral would be an understatement. But this post is a tribute to just the opposite. Pops of color (thank you, @mrbradgoreski). And bold rainbow brights. I haven't walked out of a store or clicked "checkout" with anything BUT bold hues lately. Not only do all my new finds look fabulous hanging in my closet, but I'm looking forward to the endless color combinations I can now create when I get dressed.

Here are a few of my favorite rainbow brights that have caught my eye over the past week.

Statement Necklaces
1. Hixson Bib Necklace, DANNIJO
2. I want this necklace but all I have is this picture

Funky Feet
3. Jessica Simpson Summer Haze Color Block Pumps, LuLu*s
4. WR890 Rainbow Sneakers, New Balance

Sweet Style
5. Street Fashion from a stylish ASOS shopper (that laser-cut clutch is only $40!)
6. An image from my Pinterest collection of color blocked tights & shoes that Pure Wow choose as their first ever Pin of the Week

Beautiful Blooms
7. Organized mix of flowers in a simple, yet unexpected arrangement
8. Ecuadorian Roses I spotted yesterday at Wegmans


  1. Hi, I really like your blog!!! Following U :-)

    1. Thanks so much, Mar! I think you are my first reader from the Czech Republic :) xx

  2. i like i like i like... btw, am from Malaysia. I repin some of you stuff :)