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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fluorescent Flash

Yesterday I discovered not one, but TWO amazing sites filled with fashionable finds. Now you very well may have already heard of them both but guess what, their new-to-me and I am super excited about it. Ladies, I present to you, an online fashion boutique that features 30% off the new styles that are added daily. And Sabo Skirt, another online boutique full of chic fashions at affordable prices and they ship worldwide.

As I was browsing, I noticed this fantastic fluorescent skirt that looked just like the one I spotted in a recently pinned image originating from Sabo Skirt's blog. According to the fabulous ladies behind the brand, Thessy and Yiota, the entire outfit will be available in late June. However, I have no patience when it comes to waiting for something that I want now, especially when it comes to clothing. Alas, it was the kick that I needed to find the pieces to remake the complete outfit. So if you are searching for a rocking get-up to wear to one of many summer celebrations or bachelorette party, look no further. Below is the inspiration photo accompanied by my finds; all of which are priced below $100.
{Inspiration Photo via Fashion Worship via Sabo Skirt}
The Originals: 
Shirt Available Now

Get it now:
Skirt | Shirt | Sunglasses | Polish | Shoes

PS. Have you purchased from Tobi or Sabo Skirt before? If so, tell me all about it!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Celebration Style: Cinco De Mayo

This weekend is most certainly a "twofer". Two big events happening at once with endless possibilities for a really great time. Both of which present an opportunity to wear a really big hat. Of course there is the Kentucky Derby, but since I much prefer margaritas over mint juleps, I'll be focusing on Cinco de Mayo. I like to think of the holiday as the unofficial start of the summer. The bright colors, never ending margaritas, and clanking of Corona bottles simply scream warm weather and puts an instant smile on my face (the tequila probably helps too).

This year I'm taking full advantage of the fact the holiday falls on a weekend and hosting a poquito fiesta aka a little party. Here are a few finds that put me in the mood to shake my maracas and cheers to a great night with mi amigos.

photo from Flckr
The Perfect Margarita
Extra salt please. I am making mine this year with Espolon Tequila, the packaging is killer.

Homemade Guacamole
It's safe to say I am addicted to avocados. And I am not ashamed to admit I almost single handily polished off a large order of Dos Cominos Guacamole. The recipe is actually hangs on my fridge.

Pinata Cookies
Not only are they insanely cute, but I am quite sure they are insanely tedious to make-
judging by the 30 step recipe. I have yet to mentally commit to attempting these.

A trendy, themed outfit
How amazing are these Mexican Blanket Shorts
Someone like PS. I Made This needs to create a DIY tutorial STAT!

What are your weekend plans? Cinco de Mayo or the Derby? 

Although there is no reason not to do both. Galloping around in a fabulous hat "taste testing" margaritas and blasting The Gypsy Kings sounds like a fabulous pre-party regimen if I don't say so myself. Ole`!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Beach Essentials: What to pack for vacation

By any seasoned traveler's standards, I suck at packing. There simply isn't any other way to say it. It doesn't matter if I plan for weeks or shove things into a bag the night before. I will inevitably over-pack and have an absurd abundance of clothing, shoes, accessories, and underwear in proportion to the length of my stay.

My boyfriend goes by the rule, "pack as much as you can carry"- which is great since all my luggage has wheels or he ends up carrying it for me [Editor's note: Josh, if you are reading this I totally appreciate it and thank you]. I on the other hand justify my packing "skillz" by proclaiming "it's better to have too many options than not enough." Except now that it costs a million dollars to check a bag, my motto is proving to be a bit flawed.

I spent last week in Key West, Florida. Before I left, I made an honest attempt at narrowing down a practical list of necessities and accessories for someone taking a similar vacation. As expected, I failed miserably and wore maybe 25% of the items I actually brought. So it goes without saying, this is simply a guide intended to help streamline others that subscribe to my theory of bringing everything but the kitchen sink (keeping under 50 lbs of course). And hoping your boyfriend will carry it.

Vicariously experience my Key West vacation through the lens of my third appendage.
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Monday, April 2, 2012

April Showers

It's been said that you can tell a lot about a person by how they handle a rainy day. Now, don't get me wrong I am a big fan of cuddling on the couch on a rainy afternoon. But when you live in a really, really rainy city doing so on a daily basis is simply not an option. So it can be hard to keep your spirits up and tackle the day. Not to mention dressing for wet weather can dampen your style. Pun totally intended.

What better way to welcome the spring rain by dressing in something that can always make you happy- like a sequined frock and sunshine-hued rain boots! Unexpected and a bit impractical, yes. But perfect for splashing in puddles while you venture out to visit a new coffee shop or that art gallery that you've always wanted to check out. Just make sure you don't forget the waterproof eyeliner.

Shop this look:

What's your favorite rainy day accessory?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

If you are what you eat: be a Shamrock Shake

Inspired by the fabulous creations I seem to always pin from Polyvore, I decided to create a new feature highlighting two of my favorite things: FASHION & FOOD. Everyone's heard of the saying "you are what you eat", so what better way to epitomize the saying by taking it quite literally and creating satirical outfits based on my never ending craving for good food.

The first in the series is dedicated to the spirit of St. Patrick's Day. My hometown of Rochester, NY goes absolutely CRAZY during the weekend leading up to the holiday. I'll be hosting a party of my own before taking to the streets of my downtown neighborhood to share in the festivities. Only I'll be sporting a much more relaxed outfit [re: theme t-shirt, orange flats, & huge sequin hair bow] since the day's celebration is reminiscent of an all-day college frat party rather a fashionable cocktail hour.
Add caption
Blouse | Necklace | Clutch | Shorts | Shoes (which I have and love!)

Plus, I love this look for its ability to hit on multiple trends without trying to hard:
  • Color Blocking
  • Pastels
  • Statement Necklaces
  • Metallic Accessories
Speaking of Shamrock Shakes, if you do go to McDonald's do yourself a favor and order a Thin Mint by requesting half Shamrock half Chocolate. And for those of you that are fast-food phobe (like me), click here for a copycat recipe, which also happens to be a MUCH healthier alternative.

How will you be celebrating St. Patrick's Day? And what will you wearing?

Friday, March 9, 2012

Rainbow Brights

For as long as I can remember, I have had an undeniable attraction to the color gray. It's like a magnetic force that I just cannot resist. Declaring gray as my favorite neutral would be an understatement. But this post is a tribute to just the opposite. Pops of color (thank you, @mrbradgoreski). And bold rainbow brights. I haven't walked out of a store or clicked "checkout" with anything BUT bold hues lately. Not only do all my new finds look fabulous hanging in my closet, but I'm looking forward to the endless color combinations I can now create when I get dressed.

Here are a few of my favorite rainbow brights that have caught my eye over the past week.

Statement Necklaces
1. Hixson Bib Necklace, DANNIJO
2. I want this necklace but all I have is this picture

Funky Feet
3. Jessica Simpson Summer Haze Color Block Pumps, LuLu*s
4. WR890 Rainbow Sneakers, New Balance

Sweet Style
5. Street Fashion from a stylish ASOS shopper (that laser-cut clutch is only $40!)
6. An image from my Pinterest collection of color blocked tights & shoes that Pure Wow choose as their first ever Pin of the Week

Beautiful Blooms
7. Organized mix of flowers in a simple, yet unexpected arrangement
8. Ecuadorian Roses I spotted yesterday at Wegmans

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to wear a Canadian Tuxedo.

Last fall, I became obsessed with the ultimate classic, the denim buttoned-down shirt. Aka the top half of a Canadian Tuxedo. Since I wasn't sure if I was going to fully commit to the trend, I purchased a lightweight, budget-friendly version from Forever 21. Unfortunately, the shirt is now sold out but there has been a surge in retailers who offer a very similar style. If someone happens to break into my apartment and steal it I would purchase this look alike from J.Crew.

Now that spring is right around the corner, I am preparing to transition my fav denim look to fit into my sunny weather wardrobe. Below are my eight favorite ways to rock my Canadian Tuxedo. And while I'm at it, is the proper style called 'button(ed)-up' or 'button(ed)-down' or Chambray? Does it matter?
Top: J.Crew, Polyvore, ?  |  Middle: ? , ?, ? magazine editorial  |  Bottom: ?, ?, ?

PS. All of these images came from Pinterest, unfortunately with invalid links to the original source. If you recognize or can claim these images, let me know- I'd love to give credit where credit is due! Which is a good reminder for all to be sure to follow the Pin Etiquette to help others avoid this problem in the future.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shopping List: Before winter ends.

While most people are prepping for the first days of spring, I am still waiting for winter. For a city that is considered one of the snowiest in America, Rochester has received only a few flurries and well under 12 inches this year. And since I feel like the season hasn't even started, I'm still longing to stock-up on a few blizzard-friendly pieces. 

1. A practical winter boot, Sorel 'Joan of Arctic 64' Boot, $169.95, Nordstrom
2. My favorite pair of basic black leggings, Sexy Stretch Legging, $29.90, Express
3. Red wine colored skinnies, Skinny Denim Jeans, $42, Fashion Junkee
4. Over-sized, knit sweater,  BCBG Asymmetrical Sweater, $126.65, 
5. Silky pajamas, Gilligan & OMalley Two Piece Set, $24.99, Target